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Set 11 -- The Kieninger LSR 02 movement set -- Options List & Price Calculator.

Click here to view Set 11 Images of Dials & Pendulums.

The standard LSR 02 movement set described on the gallery page is £389.95 (EUR 432.18) including UK & Ireland delivery.

You can modify the contents of LSR 02 movement set by clicking the box to the left of each of the options images and then select your delivery location - the price at the bottom will be automatically adjusted. You can then click one of the "Quotation" buttons to obtain an inclusive price in £ or Euro.

Movement 011: LSR 02 - 65cmEnlarge 011 - Kieninger LSR 02 - 65cm PL. (Movement in stock)
Dial 0065: Kieninger 150mm Dial.Enlarge 0065 - Kieninger 150mm Dial including Hands (In stock)
Dial 007: Oakside 180mm Dial.Enlarge 007 - Oakside 180mm diameter white dial (including hands) with black Roman numerals, a subsidiary seconds dial and a brass rim. (in stock) £90.00 (EUR 99.75)
Dial 083: Dial 195 x 195mmEnlarge 083 - Oakside SHAKER White Card dial 195mm square with a round printed face 126mm diameter (including hands) . This dial can also be provided as a large .jpg file which you can scale and print onto any suitable card. (in stock) Reduce Set Price £19.00 (EUR 21.06)
Dial 084: Dial including Hands 195 x 195mmEnlarge 084 - Oakside SHAKER Antique White card dial 195mm square with a round printed face 126mm diameter.(including hands) This dial can also be provided as a large .jpg file which you can scale and print onto any suitable card. (in stock) Reduce Set Price £19.00 (EUR 21.06)
Dial 024: Square dial 200mm x 200mmEnlarge 024 - Square dial 200mm x 200mm (In stock) £65.00 (EUR 72.04)
Dial 024H: Tempus 200mm x 265mm DialEnlarge 024H - Tempus 200mm x 265mm Dial with corner spandrels and black Roman numerals on a silver disk. (In stock) £65.00 (EUR 72.04)
Dial 000: Dial Not RequiredEnlarge 000 - DIAL NOT REQUIRED ? Reduce Set Price £39.00 (EUR 43.22)
Pendulum 120: Kieninger timber pendulum shaft with a 115mm brass bob.Enlarge 120 - Stick pendulum with a 115mm brass bob (In stock)
Pendulum 088: Kieninger 65cm x 140mm Grid PendulumEnlarge 088 - Brass Grid with a 140mm polished brass bob. (In stock) £59.00 (EUR 65.39)
Pendulum parts
Pendulum parts 002: Pendulum leader 104mm. (PL 35cm to  72cm movements)Enlarge 002 - Pendulum leader 115mm, PL between 35 & 72cm. (in stock)
Pulleys 001: Cable Pulley. (P)Enlarge 001 - Two brass pulleys. (in stock)
Weight Shells
Weight Shells 002: Shell 50 x 160mm with small hookEnlarge 002 - Two - 50mm x 160mm with small hooks (In stock)
Shell Fillings
Shell Fillings 014: Filling, lead 48mm x 160mm.  3.1kgEnlarge 014 - Two lead @ 3.1kg. 548mm x 160mm with small hooks (In stock)
Exclude shell fillings (Not applicable to UK or EU) ? Reduce Set Price £30.00 (EUR 33.25)
Gongs 004: 80mm coil gong.Enlarge 004 - 80mm coil gong. (In stock)
Mounting 011: L movement rear mounting pillars 28mm long. 4 x A-1215-000Enlarge 011 - Four brass rear mounting pillars included (In stock)
Kieninger movement installation drawing is included with all Sets.
Plans 016: Vienna RegulatorEnlarge 016 - Vienna Wall Clock, Height 914mm, Width 342mm, Depth 144mm. (Kieninger movement installation drawing included). (In stock) £19.00 (EUR 21.06)
Plans 044: Vienna RegulatorEnlarge 044 - Vienna Wall Clock, Height 1041mm, Width 394mm, Depth 229mm.

The plans comprise of nine sheets measuring 18 inches x 24 inches and twelve A4 pages on assembly and woodworking instructions.

We recommend that a 180mm diameter dial is selected for this clock.

The mouldings can all be produced using standard router bits.

This is one of the best plans that we have so far sourced!

Additionally, we provide a full size template to ensure the accurate location of the movement mounting bracket. (Kieninger movement installation drawing included). (In stock) £25.00 (EUR 27.71)
UK & Republic of Ireland, VAT and Delivery Included.
EU Countries, VAT and Delivery included. £15.00 (EUR 16.62)
Australia & New Zealand, Delivery by Air. Excluding local GST. (UK Tax Free). £49.00 (EUR 54.31)
USA & Canada - Delivery price excluding any local taxes. (UK Tax Free). £49.00 (EUR 54.31)
Other Countries, please e-mail for a delivery quotation. (UK Tax Free).
Other Countries, please e-mail for a delivery quotation. (UK Tax Free).

Total delivered price with above options applied:

To view your personalized quotation, please click on or

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