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Oakside Hand Crafted Floor & Wall Clocks

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Kieninger Month Running Regulators

Kieninger Table Clocks

Kieninger Clock Movement Service & Repair

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Hermle Month Running Regulators

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Altobel Antonio Clocks - Finest Italian Craftmanship.


Kieninger - Movement, Dial & Pendulum Sets

Kieninger Standard Movements

Kieninger Movement Repair Parts and Accessories

Clock Plans - only available with Sets

Manuals, Repairers & Links

Clocks Built by Oakside Customers

Repairs and Servicing

Kieninger recommend that their clock

movements are lubricated every five

years and 'cleaned and lubricated'

every ten years.

Oakside provides a complete cleaning,

repair and lubrication service for all

Kieninger clock movements.

Please Contact Frank for details.

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