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The Oakside Gallery of Hand-Crafted Longcase Clocks

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New - Grandfather Clocks, Grandmother Clocks and Vienna Regulators - Hand-crafted to perfection.

We are pleased to announce that all Oakside clocks will now be electronically calibrated for accurate time-keeping prior to delivery.

Where distance permits Frank and Barbara will personally deliver and install your New Longcase Clock. Deliveries to other areas are accomplished by our courier. We provide a comprehensive printed and illustrated set of instructions to enable you to quickly get the clock running perfectly and we also provide telephone assistance during this simple process.

The Windsor Grandmother Clock

(Model: 2024/8)


An Oakside Classic Clocks reproduction of a Christopher Gould of London Original Longcase Clock - circa 1690.

The Windsor is a Superb Platinum Edition reproduction of a 17th Century original Longcase clock by Christopher Gould of London and it is a Grandmother version of the London & Chelsea Grandfather Clocks.

We show the Windsor with bevelled glass in the pendulum door and in the upper and lower side panels.

The Windsor is fitted with the superb Kieninger® KSU 52, 8-day, triple chime, automatic melody sequencing movement and a tradition timber pendulum with a brass bob. The three melodies are Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington and they play on a twelve-rod gong. There are three moon phase dials and three pendulum options to select from.

You may now specify the Kieninger KSU55 triple chime, automatic melody sequencing movement which plays the melodies on a nest of nine polished brass bells.

We build the Windsor in Solid Oak with a choice of a natural, medium colour. The cabinet is hand-sanded to a fine finish before we apply five coats of Hard Lacquer which is then polished to a beautiful satin sheen - the lacquer provides a finish that will resist everyday contamination and it doesn´t require further waxing or the ongoing maintenance requirements of a French polished finish. The Standard Windsor dimensions are 70 inches tall, 15.5 inches wide and 13 inches deep. We can build the Windsor up to 80 inches tall by increasing the height of the plinth.

Height: 70 inches, Width: 15 inches, Depth: 13 inches

Firefox recommended, IE maybeKieninger KSU 52 - Automatic triple melody sequencing, automatic night silencing.

Windsor in medium Oak - Ready for early delivery: 1
Windsor in natural Oak - Ready for early delivery: 2

Price including VAT & UK & Ireland delivery from £2,999.00 (EUR 3,748.75)

Please note that we ship UK Tax Free World Wide.

Click here to view the Windsor Clock Details page.

Click here to view the Windsor Options and Prices page.

The Plymouth Grandfather Clock

(Model: 2024/23)


SPECIAL CLEARENCE OFFER - One completely finished SOLID OAK Clock Cabinet in perfect condition. Shown with internal parts but these are not included in the price.

We have one completely finished and glazed Plymouth iclock cabinet built in solid Oak ready for the buyer to install a suitable set of antique floor clock internal clock parts

The Plymouth cabinet is 80 inches tall.

Delivery can be arranged.

Height: 80 inches, Width: 21 inches, Depth: 14.5 inches

Plymouth in Oak - Ready for early delivery: 1

Price including VAT & UK & Ireland delivery from £1,000.00 (EUR 1,250.00)

Please note that we ship UK Tax Free World Wide.

Click here to view the Plymouth Clock Details page.

Click here to view the Plymouth Options and Prices page.

The Kensington Modern Floor Clock

(Model: 2024/33)


The Kensington is a modern version of a Grandfather Clock.

The Kensington is 80 inches tall and is constructed in solid Walnut.

The cabinet features a full length curved glass door and with glass in the side panels. All glazing is Pilkington safety glass.

There are several dial options including a square clear acrylic face etched with modern numerals with a Walnut rim.

The second option will be a round clear acrylic dial featuring etched modern numerals within a Walnut rim.

The rims on both dials, enclose low voltage LED´s which illuminate the numerals, when switched on by the touch sensitive switch.

The Kensington can be ordered with either the Kieninger® HSU gong movement or the Kieninger®HTU Jewelled Tubular Bell movement; these are the highest specification movements in the Kieninger range.

The HTU 8-day movement strikes the hours and chimes three melodies - Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington on nine full length polished tubular bells.

The HSU is identical in specifications but chimes the melodies on a 12-rod gong. Both movements have levers to select the chime and the automatic ‘night silencing’ mechanism to silence the chimes between 22-00 & 07-15.

The movements are fitted with nine Ball Bearings, 12 Rubies and 26 bronze bushes, to provide very low friction and durability.

To achieve exceptional time-keeping accuracy the movement is governed by a very long temperature compensated pendulum. This new Oakside pendulum is constructed with a carbon fibre shaft and 220 mm diameter acrylic bob supported at is centre with a fine adjustment wheel. We are achieving an accuracy of within several seconds of deviation per month.

Using our newly developed electronic instrument and PC program we can monitor the swing of the pendulum and make fine adjustments to the pendulum bob, to attain an extremely accurate beat, thus providing very precise time-keeping without requiring further adjustment in service.

Height: 84 inches, Width: 17 inches, Depth: 12 inches

Price including VAT & UK & Ireland delivery from £12,990.00 (EUR 16,237.50)

Please note that we ship UK Tax Free World Wide.

Click here to view the Kensington Clock Details page.

Click here to view the Kensington Options and Prices page.

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